Virtual reality

Virtual reality for us is not only a beautiful visualization, but also a tool for:

  • Identification of errors in the design at an early stage and improving the quality of our solutions, including the design of access control systems, video surveillance and calculation of optimal evacuation routes in case of emergency;

  • Understanding the features of the equipment and the ergonomics of future operation and maintenance processes (location and size of service sites, transitions, bridges, location of meters, sensors, control panels, etc.);

  • Acceleration and improvement of the training quality of for operators of future production facilities;

  • Risk management during potentially dangerous construction operations – confined space work, difficult lifting of heavy and oversized cargoes, planning of simultaneous work of different teams;

  • The effective use of the construction site and the construction and installation work sequence in difficult conditions, for example, during the reconstruction of existing enterprises.


All projects are supplied with professional-quality drones for:

  • Creation of digital terrain model, accurate facility location, roads and utilities engineering;

  • Planning and prompt calculation of scope of construction for roads, hydraulic structures, excavation and concrete work, construction and operation of open pits;

  • Monitoring the progress of construction work and their compliance with design solutions;

  • Improving the quality of project reporting and timing of its submission to the Customer;

  • Simplification of as-built drawing procedure.
About our company.

AAEngineering Group

AAEngineering Group is engineering and construction group, experts in turn-key supply of production facilities in the metallurgical, mining and processing industries, as well as in the construction of power, infrastructure and other industrial facilities.

The company carries out engineering, construction and reconstruction of industrial facilities of any degree of complexity, with competent author’s and technical supervision and the experience gained including the skill in general project management.

AAEngineering Group guarantees professionalism, meeting deadlines and a creative approach to each project, accompanied by a strict technical audit and constant quality control.