Design & Engineering

The company has state licenses for design activities, construction and installation work, survey activities, for the operation of mining and chemical industries, for works and services in the field of environmental protection, for engineering services for technical supervision

How we work

At the pre-design stage, we estimate Client’s expectations in regards to engineering


We integrate the equipment offered with Client’s existing solutions, striving to reach a most seamless integration


Then the information model of the future facility operation and its transfer process (EIR) get approved


A project’s risk management program is developed as early as the conceptual design stage


We develop the project schedule at a level of detail convenient for both Client and Bank’s independent consultant

00:00 / 00:00

A comprehensive 5D digital model is implemented using up-to-date technology and tools.

We arrange a shared information space for collaboration between the Client / EPC Contractor / Suppliers and Subcontractors for efficient project data management (ProjectWise).

We apply Advanced Work Packaging (Advanced Work Packaging) as part of Construction Driven Engineering.

Synchronize our own health and safety practices with the customer's standards