Project Management

The company carries out the design, construction and renovation of industrial facilities of any degree of complexity, using advanced technologies in the field of information modelling, as well as competent supervision of the author and technical supervision, and the experience gained has given skill in general project management.

How we work

ProjectWise constructs a comprehensive project model consisting of a multitude of interlinked files. The file structure allows making changes to the model locally during both design and construction phases and updating the model based on as-built documents, as well as further updates at the operational phase.

iTwin enables building a comprehensive project model, tracking changes over time and analysis of normalized data. The platform is integrated with Microsoft Teams and Power BI solutions to improve and simplify communication between parties to the project.

Microsoft Hololens 2 is a virtual and augmented reality system to optimize and validate project solutions. Together with new Bentley products, augmented reality glasses of the latest generation allow to solve operational tasks remotely and to view information models of unlimited size in space and time.

Construction control

Planning is the most important aspect of project implementation. We use Synchro Control to solve planning issues on construction sites. It visualizes construction processes linked to the schedule of construction thus making it much easier to monitor and optimize the project in its entirety.

Based on iTwin, Synchro Control enables construction contractors and subcontractor to access data as early as conceptual design and aggregate planning phases. All comments, suggestions and changes to optimise engineering and process solutions are tied to the information model and are implemented in subsequent revisions.  

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